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Dating That Rich Guy

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Dating That Rich Guy
Secrets of Dating a Rich Man

So let’s say you’ve taken up dating a rich man. Remember your
mother always said “It’s just as easy to date/marry/have a rich
man as a poor man.

Mom was not good with math and never could figure out how many
more poor men there are than rich men. But say you’ve got one.

This is bragging rights, of course. But does this guy have any
qualities but being rich? How about honest? Faithful?

There are always good looking men Unless you think the money
makes anybody good looking. Is he friendly? Can he get along
with your friends? Your parents?

Is he hard working or does he have enough money so you are
stuck with him all day every day? Will he hit you?

How much money qualifies as rich, as in dating a rich man?
Is he chock-a-block in wonderful qualities like helping the
poor and handicapped? Does he kick puppies?

Does he Kill animals and hang their poor dead heads in the
living room? How long, exactly, under the present circumstances
will the money last? Is he likely to spend it on you ?
Are you likely to save it?

If you are dating a rich man, what do you suppose his dating goal
is or was? Barbie doll? Is that you, or are you just a temporary
stopping point?

Does he want someone to show to his parents and move in his
social class? Is that you? Can you tell one fork from another
on the dinner table? Can he?

Think about your own qualities. Was he out looking for someone
with your attributes and qualities, or is this some fluke-y thing?
In which case it won’t last long, dearie.

Normally, couples look for things they have in common.
Would’nd it be nice if that were true in the game of dating a rich man.

But if there’s a common interest in good food for example,
can you tell what you are eating in front of his friends
at a fancy French restaurant?

On the other hand, think how it might feel not to look at the
prices on the menu. Some fancy restaurants used to give women
menus without prices so they wouldn’t think about anything
as low class as money, and assume the guy can pay no matter what.

Probably that kind of eating wouldn’t get old, but it might make you fat,
and without knowing what he was looking for, you may be in trouble.
Even if he got fat, too, everybody would expect you to take it off.

Quick and Simple Ways to Impress a Girl

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Each person is unique

The uniqueness of each girl makes a very interesting woman. If a woman is admired, or “crushed” by a man, it is noticeable that the man changes a bit of his ways and customs of how he is with her. This is why the man will try to make some common practices just to catch the attention of his dream girl.

However, due to the uniqueness of each human being, some of these methods could fail to impress a girl that he wants. This can leave some kind of trauma for both parties. However, a big part of finding true love is to feel the presence of pain or suffering. Without it, people cannot fully declare and affirm that they were in love. As in life, the notion of death can be frightening; but the truth is, part of the fulfilment of human life is subjected to the proof of death.

Some rules to consider in winning your dream girl

The first rule of a man on having the girl of his dreams is to be himself. Being “himself” means being adequate with who or what he really is. In other words, men should take control of their own lives. Having their “own lives” means managing their life themselves in much the way in which man expresses his own being.

Generally, a lot of women love meeting men with a distinct personality and clearly showcases his distinctiveness or transmitting it. A man that has control over his own life fends off the feeling of insecurity in women and this is a good sign for a man to effectively impress a girl. Women love men who take charge. It is a sign of sophistication amongst men, and has matured into one of the most important things that every woman seeks in a man.

Express, not impress

Impression plays a vital part in a man’s adventure to attract women, but some girls can discover almost with no difficulty if the man is authentic or there is falsity in him. This is a bad sign, because (even if some do not accept it) “First impressions last.”

If the report in a deeper sense of being established, rather than impressions. Then a rapport is beyond a belief. if a decision is made in a deeper state of a “nexus” or connection between individuals. the best way for a man to establish a rapport with a girl, is to be faithful to himself.