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Delivery of Flowers – A Lovely Gesture At Valentines Day

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

The delivery of flowers, specifically roses, during Valentines Day is a gesture that has many levels of meaning to different people but, to the person who receives them, it expresses a kindness and love very few other gifts can give. Let me explain.

Think about the last time you received flowers from someone. Whatever the occasion, did it not make you smile in delight at the thought of having something so pretty in your site? What were the feelings you felt when you saw the delivery man bring in a gorgeous bouquet of roses, daisy’s or lillies? Now compare those feeling when you received your last Christmas Gift…perhaps a foot massager or a back scratcher. What kind of feelings did those two gift evoke? Sure, you may have needed the two gifts but, they did not make you feel spontaneous, free, lovely, loved or beautiful…did they?

With each beautiful petal full of natural color and perfume, you can see yourself in a meadow on a bright spring day, smelling the beauty around you. Perhaps a bit of heaven on earth…..perhaps a place that only flowers can take you to.

So, when you send flowers to someone at Valentines day, think about the real purpose of the delivery. Flowers show great beauty towards the person who is receiving them but, it also makes a statement about the person who is sending them. The delivery of flowers have so much meaning……express yourself in a way that words would never be able to express.

Be My Valentine!

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

Valentines Day Fancy Dress Costumes To Look Sensational!

Wanting a knockout Valentines day outfit? Looking for special Valentines Day Outfits ? It is easy today when you shop online. Be sure to get in early so you can do a fashion rehearsal with your makeup on ready for the bog day.

Impress the man in your life or the lucky guy you will be partying with! Maybe even your online date! Every girl needs to have some fun this time of the year and dressing up is the most fun of all when it comes t party time. It’s all about dressing up and looking your very best in a romantic, attractive, or sexy outfit. Some outfits are more like pretty lingerie.

Select a Fancy Dress Outfit that is flattering for your type of figure girls, there really is something for every size and shape. This way you will not only look good, but also feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

Dating Gifts For Valentines Day

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

If you’re dating someone, then you know how important gifts are when it comes to important dates in the year, such as the coveted Valentine’s Day. There is no Valentine’s Day without proper gifts. And by proper I mean lots of things, pretty much anything that goes based on the relationship.

There are many Valentine’s Day gifts for him that a girl can get, but it needs to be relevant to the stage of the relationship itself. For example if you’re only in your first year, then buying sexy underwear might scare him off. So go easy on the gifts, and don’t buy something overly expensive. Buy something silly, something light that you are both able to enjoy.

If you’re already well into your relationship then expensive and sexy gifts can really bring a renewed spark into it. Expensive jewelry, some cute and almost revealing undies, all these things that will make this day and night unforgettable.

Pamper your partner with a Spa holiday in South Africa

Monday, December 5th, 2011

All over the country, you will find a resort that caters not only to guests’ interests in luxurious holiday accommodation and action-packed activities but also guests’ need to relax by having their bodies treated to massage therapy during their time away from home. Optima Holidays has a range of spa holidays in South Africa from which you can pick where you would like to spend your time unwinding and releasing all the stress you may have accumulated from life’s activities.

Ezulweni Sun Golf Resort is located in Swaziland and is perfect for those who love golf and love to be pampered. Though the resort’s main focus is the golfing aspect, the health and beauty spa is also there to offer guest’s the ultimate relaxation experience. Within the resort’s vicinity, a candle and glass factory, cultural village and mall will cater to your consumerist needs. What more could you need? Some minutes away from Cape Town, one finds the Erinvale Estate Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort offers much of the same experience with the added benefit of a hairdresser.

Naming just two locations for resorts gives you somewhat of an idea about what spa holidays in South Africa consist of. Book now through Optima Holidays and find out how things truly are.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Apart

Friday, October 7th, 2011

There are a number of reasons why a couple may find themselves spending Valentine’s Day apart. While you may certainly understand the reasons why you and your loved ones cannot be together on Valentine’s Day it does not make it any easier to deal with this situation. You may still feel sad and lonely if you find yourself in one of these situations.

This may be a fairly common occurrence for couples who are in a long distance relationship. They may be used to spending important days such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and other holidays apart so it may not be as difficult for them to deal with. However, there are ways this couple can still share Valentine’s Day at the same time. One way to do this is to both rent the same movie and view it while on the phone together. This may run up your phone bill but if you have unlimited evening minutes, you and your partner can chat away on your cell phones while you look at the movie together. You might even think about both ordering the same type of food such as pizza or Chinese food so you will experience being even more together for a little while.

Having Valentine’s Day chocolates or flowers delivered to your loved one while you are separated is also a very thoughtful gesture. These ideas may not seem like the most romantic options but now and then it is important to bear in mind that you love your partner every day of the year and you don’t have to be together on Valentine’s Day to verify your love for each other.

Romantic Ideas For Valentines Weekend

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Wondering how to make your self-catering weekend a little more romantic? Here are a few ideas.

Has your other half been dreaming of a beachy weekend? A trip to the wild? Hiking through magnificent landscapes? Rejuvenating in hot springs? A weekend away will mean all the more when it’s obvious that you chose somewhere your other half has been wanting to go.

Make getting there (and back) part of the celebration

Start and end your Valentines weekend well by making the journey there and back again part of the adventure. Fun things to do:

Pack some of your favourite padkos for the drive, for example savoury pastries, your favourite chips, her favourite sweets, a drink that has specific meaning to both of you.

Optima Holidays has lovely resorts scattered across South Africa, such as:

The Western Cape

KwaZulu-Natal & The Midlands



North West

Each hotel and resort has different facilities. These may include TV, selected DSTV, swimming pools and exercise opportunities, sea views, mountain views, air conditioning, baby sitting and laundry services. Some of the apartments have fully equipped kitchens so you have the choice of preparing your own meals or eating out.

Contact Optima Holidays to find out more about the accommodation we have to offer for that special Romantic Valentines weekend break.

Drakensberg Accommodation Romantic Getaway

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Wanting to surprise your loved one on a Drakensberg Accommodation romantic weekend away? Optima Holidays has a wide range of self-catering resorts, offering affordable accommodation in the heart of the majestic Drankensberg.

The Drakensberg region is renowned for some of its special little romantic hideaways as well as its wide range of accommodation facilities and offers a multitude of activities waiting to be pursued by you and your loved one.

Some of the resorts to choose from:

  • Bushman’s Nek Hotel & Spa
  • Castleburn Resort
  • Champagne Lane Resort
  • Champagne Sports Resort
  • Midlands Saddle and Trout Resort & Spa
  • Mount Aux-Sources Resort
  • Mount Champagne Resort
  • Mountain View Resort
  • Qwantani Resort
  • Riverbend Chalet Resort
  • Suntide Qunu Lodge Resort
  • Drakensburg Sun Resort
  • Fairways Resort
  • Kiara Lodge Resort
  • Little Switzerland Resort

The resorts offer plenty of activities and facilities such as tennis, volleyball, swimming, squash, hiking, fishing and so much more. Don’t delay – your loved one needs a break and what better way to do it than to surprise him/her. Contact Optima Holidays to find out more about our superb Drakensburg Accommodation Romantic getaways!


Chocolate On Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Since the time of the Aztecs chocolate has been used as a gift. From its inception all the way up to recent decades, chocolate has been been a favorite present for lovers.

Eating chocolate may invoke guilty feelings in some people, but eating a small piece of healthy (dark) chocolate every day can lower blood pressure, prevent a build-up of LDL (bad) cholesterol, & even protect the heart from free radical damage.

A mouthwatering box of premium chocolates on Valentine’s Day will let your loved one know you care about them in many ways. has just the gift for that special person. Using a Promo Code means you can even save extra on that special gift.

A Valentine’s Gift Of Jewelry For A Captivating Look

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Women of today are very knowledgeable when it comes to fashion. A captivating look for every event is very important to them, because they would like to have their beauty recognized by the group of people at such events.

For Valentine’s Day your gift will be well appreciated if it’s a gorgeous piece of jewelry. And likely it will be even more appreciated if the jewelry represents your love. An engagement ring or a diamond heart pendant will tell her what you may have trouble saying. And because diamond jewelry is one of the main ingredients in having a captivating look, giving such a gift to your girlfriend should ensure that your relationship will be a long lasting one.

If diamond gem stones are too expensive for your circumstances, consider giving her a Valentine’s Day gift of jewelry set with cubic zirconia stones. Only a jeweler can tell the difference between a diamond and a manufactured cubic zirconium stone. Your sweetheart can have the captivating appearance she desires without the expense of your buying real diamond gem stones.

This special day for lovers would not be complete without the exchange of Valentine’s Day gifts. The best way to complete this very romantic day is with a gift of amazing jewelry.

Love Is In The Air on St Valentine Day

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

Valentine’s Day cards are another item we constantly associate with St Valentine Day.

In Victorian times ladies used to spend copious amounts of time and money creating Valentine’s Day cards for their friends and family members. These cards were highly prized. These days cards are appreciated but not always kept.

Many ladies love receiving a box of chocolates along with their red roses. If you can’t express your love and affection on St Valentine Day, then when exactly can you?! It’s all about amour! St. Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day of love and romance.