Christian Match: Christian Dating Advice

A lot of my friends are surprised when they find out that I give out Christian dating advice. Many of them don’t understand it. How are they going to find their Christian match without some specific dating advice? They wonder why dating advice for Christians would be any different from any other good advice. After all, Christians face many of the same dating issues as Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and members of any other religious group. Some Christian dating singles extremely devout, of course, but other ones are quite secular. They come from many different denominations, and have many different interests. Some Christian dating singles want to settle down quickly, while others want a fun fling with someone else raised in their faith. So the question remains, what makes Christian dating advice different from other forms of advice on dating?

In one sense, nothing. Christian dating advice deals with the same dating romance issues as anything else. Sometimes, it can be more conservative than many other sorts of psychological advice for meeting singles, but it doesn’t have to be. In another sense, however, there is a difference. Christian dating advice tries to draw inspiration and guidance from the Bible. Christians may take on the same lessons as members of another faith at the end of the day, but they like to find them in the proper book. In particular, the Bible says that we should be seeking a Christian match and not be unequally yoked.

The Bible provides a lot of guidance when it comes to dating, even it might not say anything about dating directly. One thing that I have come to learn is that we should not be dating for selfish reasons. We should be dating with the attitude of following God and loving our partners for who they are. It appears that a common cultural attitude is to view our partners like a pair of jeans – something to show off and please us. In the Bible, we are taught to put God in the relationship. This is how we can find our Christian match and live greater lives.

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