Delivery of Flowers – A Lovely Gesture At Valentines Day

The delivery of flowers, specifically roses, during Valentines Day is a gesture that has many levels of meaning to different people but, to the person who receives them, it expresses a kindness and love very few other gifts can give. Let me explain.

Think about the last time you received flowers from someone. Whatever the occasion, did it not make you smile in delight at the thought of having something so pretty in your site? What were the feelings you felt when you saw the delivery man bring in a gorgeous bouquet of roses, daisy’s or lillies? Now compare those feeling when you received your last Christmas Gift…perhaps a foot massager or a back scratcher. What kind of feelings did those two gift evoke? Sure, you may have needed the two gifts but, they did not make you feel spontaneous, free, lovely, loved or beautiful…did they?

With each beautiful petal full of natural color and perfume, you can see yourself in a meadow on a bright spring day, smelling the beauty around you. Perhaps a bit of heaven on earth…..perhaps a place that only flowers can take you to.

So, when you send flowers to someone at Valentines day, think about the real purpose of the delivery. Flowers show great beauty towards the person who is receiving them but, it also makes a statement about the person who is sending them. The delivery of flowers have so much meaning……express yourself in a way that words would never be able to express.

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