Easy Romantic Meals

Easy romantic meals that even I can cook

Easy Romantic Meals

So it’s all very well wanting to prepare easy romantic meals for your partner as a treat, but what if, like me, your culinary skills just about extend to a bacon sandwich, and easy romantic meals recipes don’t seem to exist? It’s true that lots of the recipes you will see for romantic meals tend to equate effort to cook in a flamboyant way with romance, but I have tracked down a few good easy ones to get you started, and have then provided a few links to other sites with gazillions of other options for you.

Easy Romantic Meals (1) – Appetizer-City

Let’s immediately get away from this notion that you have to prepare some 4-course extravaganza – you’ll spend more time out of your seat messing about in the kitchen, and less time chatting with your partner. How about preparing 4-5 appetizers for you both to share, and that way everything’s served at the same time, and there’s no risk of the meal being ruined if you screw up the main course! Here are some options for appetizers:

1. Veggie plate with dip (ranch, 1000 island, etc)
2. Chicken skewers
3. Grilled nachos (as spicy as you want!)
4. Olives
5. Pate with crispy bread
6. Cheese & crackers

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