How Compatible are You?

How Compatible are You?

It is all very well to talk about dating and relationships but the key to success in all these areas is compatibility and love.

Just how compatible are you and your partner? Have you ever even thought about this? There is more to finding your dream partner than crossing your fingers and hoping. Some people end up putting too much into their relationships, just to keep them alive.

Is that you? Are you the only one who is keeping your relationship alive? If you are, stop.

Every relationship involves two people and if you are the only one breathing life into yours then consider that you two may not actually be that compatible.

Sure we read a lot about how great relationships don’t just happen and how the best couples say they work at their relationship. But note, the key word here is both work at the relationship.

If you are doing all the work, think differently about your relationship – even explore your astrological compatibility – just stop pushing so hard, step back and consider if you two are really a good match.

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