I Want My New Girlfriend to Take a Theft Class

This is a very awkward situation. My new girlfriend has many qualities that I like a lot. She’s pretty, intelligent, interesting and talented. But there’s one little quirk that really is starting to bother me. I think she likes to shoplift.

How do I know this? Often when I go to her house she has a new piece of clothing or pair of shoes. But strangely enough, I’ve never seen a shopping bag or even a receipt for the stuff that she buys. And also, she’s a full time student and doesn’t make much money so I have no idea how she can afford the high end merchandise I often see her wearing.

So I’m beginning to suspect that she’s not actually buying the clothing she’s wearing but instead is taking from the stores without paying. I really want her to take a theft class and get this problem under control. I don’t think it’s right for her to take things without paying for them and I really don’t want her to get caught and arrested. It would be very embarassing both for me and her family.

I wonder how I should tell her?

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