Secret Desire Dating App: Your Secret Ally for 100% Successful Hookups

Secret Desire Dating App: Your Secret Ally for 100% Successful Hookups

Tired of dozens of identical apps? Exhausted by hollow swiping? Disappointed by the general concept of mobile dating? Why not letting yourself go beyond standards and try something new!

We know an app providing a fresh breeze and 100% successful hookups in-app and in your area. And the main point is – they keep it a secret! Let us introduce you Secret Desire Hookup Dating App and a quick FAQ on how and why to use it.

Who’s on Secret Desire?

The hottest guys and girls looking for romance, fun, sex and NSA adventure. Users registered worldwide, but the U.S. is in the focus, which makes Secret Desire good for both sexting and meet-ups in your city in America.

Do I have to enter any personal data?

Nope! It’s just a photo needed.

  • No phone numbers
  • No emails
  • No social network accounts
  • No names

The app is anonymous, so never mind your image. And please, no worries on bumping into your boss, your current partner or your grandma. Just be yourself and do what you feel like. Even the deepest desires here are welcome and easy to translate to reality.

Secret Desire Dating App: Your Secret Ally for 100% Successful Hookups

How does it work?

It’s all easy. Just go on search and when interested in a person, tap the LIKE button. If he or she likes you back, you’ll be welcome to a private chat room. And now it all depends on you! The app provides international and local-based search, a spot for chatting and a romantic ambience. You choose the follow-ups:

  • make friends or friends with benefits
  • have sex or go sexting
  • date casually or get into a serious relationship

Any of that is possible!

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Profiles are anonymous, but all new users pass through a serious verification procedure.

And what about catfishing?

Fake profiles are not an issue on Secret Desire. All users are verified and checked and you even get to check them yourself via filter questions!

Set up a question, so that only those giving the right answer (or answers) can like on you and then text you.

Actually, filter questions are our second favorite feature of the app, right after the anonymity, ‘cause it is working both ways:

  • fending you off fake profiles
  • making sure you contact a like-minded person

Do I have to pay for it?

Secret Desire is free to download and set up. You can try your hand, test the interface and make you opinion on the app without any payments.

In order to use all the features, Secret Desire offers subscription options starting from as little as 9.49 USD.

Can I use it on my device?

Secret Desire Hookup App runs on all iOS-powered devices. Just go to your App Store, download your secret app and let it guide you to the best hookups and fun dates!

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