Wedding Tents

If you’re in the process of planning a wedding, at some point or another you’ve probably considered having the wedding, or at least the reception, outdoors. Imagine, a first dance surrounded by all of your friends underneath a beautiful sunset or the stars as they come out at night. What could be more perfect? Of course, the more you considered this wonderful option, the more you’ve thought of the ways things can go wrong outdoors. What if it rains? Images of soaked dresses, ruined food, and grumpy guests flicker through your mind. What if it’s so windy it blows away the tables, or even the guests? What if it gets cold and everyone wants to go home, or so hot that the groomsmen are peeling off their shirts and the bridesmaids want to get out of their dresses? Do we need to have an alternative rain site? If we don’t use the rain site do we need to pay for it?

A well constructed wedding tent can save you from all of these worries and more, while giving you the outdoor wedding or reception of your dreams. Wedding tents come in all shapes and sizes, from small awnings perfect for covering the buffet tables and nothing more to huge structures which can cover an entire dance floor and dining room. What sort of tent you use depends on both the expected climate and time of year. A smaller tent in Phoenix works great for providing some shade for guests who get overheated in the sun, but you probably won’t need a tent big enough to keep the rain off of everyone. If you’re on the ocean you may want a tent with walls to keep the wind and sand out of your guests’ meals, while you may still want to have the dance floor out on the beach. If you’re planning a wedding in Seattle you’ll want a tent large enough to house all of your guests comfortably, so even if it pours you can continue to dance into the night.

Wedding tents allow for the best of both worlds. You can still have your dream wedding outside, but you can have a simple plan in place in case the weather turns sour. They’re also easy to put up and take down, and they can be decorated to fit any theme or color scheme to make your special day absolutely perfect.

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