Yeast Infection Alternative Treatments

Prevention and alternative treatment for yeast infection is considered the safest means to fight against the yeast infection. Before adopting any strategy, do yeast infection away review to get perfect results.

You should keep your genitals clean and dry. Undergarments should be dried properly before using the same. You should avoid antibiotics unnecessarily. In addition to this, keep an eye on your blood sugar level.

Other alternative treatment for yeast infection includes-

  • Avoid unprotected intercourse to prevent spread of yeast infection
  • Always wear cotton panties and loose clothes (sleeping without underwear is not a bad idea)
  • Apply cider vinegar vaginal douches
  • Insist on a condom if you don’t have a regular partner
  • Drink or eat Acidophilus
  • Plain unsweetened yogurt which is available in natural food stores can be inserted in vagina

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